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Nce65t 260f Superjunction Mosfet

Auth:携芯网 Date:2019/1/16 Source:Core carrying network Visit:332 Related Key Words: NCE65T260F
General description

This series of devices adopt advanced grooved gate superjunction technology and design, which can provide excellent RDS (ON) and low gate charge. The superjunction MOSFET meets the industry requirements for PFC, AC/DC power conversion and AC-DC SMPS for industrial power supply applications.


New Technology of High Voltage Devices
Low on-resistance and low on-loss
Small package
Ultra-low gate charge can reduce driving requirements
100% avalanche test

Compliance with ROHS standards


Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Switch mode power supply (SMPS)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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