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Core Network In May 18 Years To Invest In 2 Million Full Stock

Auth:携芯网 Date:2018/5/21 Source:携芯网 Visit:487 Related Key Words: Invest 2 million more in stock

Respected core net customers:
The core network has been operating well since April 2016. By the year May 18, the number of registered customers has exceeded 1000, and the number of orders has been growing steadily. The momentum is very encouraging. We have been replenishing the quantity of inventory. To increase its schedule, the company decided to reinvest 2 million of its stock varieties and quantities from October. To create the largest, most complete, most affordable components IC spot platform, for the vast number of engineers and procurement staff to provide a one-stop procurement environment, we will continue to work hard!
In May, 2 million further stock parts were added as follows:
Model brand package number STM8S001J3M3STSOP26657NCE65T180FNCETO220F15000NCE65T260FNCETO220F75000PT5126A-HSPTCHSOP81240NCE6005ASNCESOP-820000NCE80H12 NCENCE10000

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