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Talent Recruitment

Sales engineer duties: contact customers by telephone / visit, carry out the company's sales plan and complete the sales target.
Developing the company's potential customers and maintaining the customer relationship.
To handle customer needs, complete the sales work;
To maximize customer support and assistance through good cooperation with the internal departments and on the premise of corporate values.
Job description: with a certain number of electronic components and IC sales experience;
Having a clear understanding of customer needs and timely and timely solutions to customer problems, we can make feasible suggestions on how to improve customer satisfaction, and feedback to companies and find service opportunities beyond customer expectations.
Good communication and coordination ability, team spirit, can bear certain work pressure, have the spirit of pioneering and enterprising;
With certain customer resources and outstanding performance priority;
In the early stage, the company will provide some new resources to the new salesmen. The salesmen should combine their advantages to communicate with and communicate with customers, so as to finally promote the cooperation between the two sides.
Age: 20 years old -35 years old
Monthly salary: 5000 yuan
Number of recruits: 2
Call customer service requirements: communicate effectively with customers through telephone and online QQ, understand customer needs and tap customer needs to complete the monthly customer number goal;
Management and maintenance of customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation between customers;
According to the marketing plan, complete the daily telephone outbound amount and the number of customers sector index.
Job responsibilities: telephone sales or electronic component sales experience is preferred;
Love the job and work well and have a good team spirit.
The ability to analyze and solve problems independently;
Clear and clever teeth, good communication skills and persuasiveness, can withstand the pressure of work.
Purchasing assistant's duties and duties: check the invoice;
The production of weekly and monthly reports;
Assist the purchase representative to make the order.
Statistics of all kinds of data;
Job description: skilled operation of office office software;
Integrity, integrity, positive, good psychological quality, a high degree of responsibility, can bear a certain pressure of work;
Experience in electronic components related industry is preferred.
Interested parties, please contact the business city customer service directly to contact the interview

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