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Membership Grade

Members of the core net are divided into six levels, specifically: registered members, iron members, bronze members, silver members, gold members, diamond members. The level is automatically calculated by the system according to the basic integral, and no application is required. The basic points will be accumulated according to your consumption quota. The amount of 1 yuan can be accumulated by 1 point. The system will automatically accumulate the basic points after the transaction is successful.
Membership level
Membership conditions
Registered member
Newly registered customers who have not yet been consumed in the mall will be registered by default.
Iron membership
A customer with a basic score of 200 points.
Bronze Member
A customer with a basic score of 1000 points.
Silver member
A customer with a basic score of 5000 points.
Gold medals
A customer with a basic score of 10000 points.
Diamond members
A customer with a basic score of 100000 points.
Member basic treatment:
Different levels will be treated differently, and specific related pages will be elaborated.
For example, when issuing coupons, different membership levels can receive different denominations of coupons, specific in the event page will be introduced.

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