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Delivery And Inspection

Distribution mode
The core network provides two delivery modes of home delivery and express delivery.
Express delivery
The delivery and delivery of the core network can be delivered to the designated domestic address. From Monday to Friday, the logistics of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be used by Shun Feng express by default, and rhyme express will be used for the rest of the time and special circumstances.
Freight description
International Freight:
The material import of integrated circuit (IC) is exempt from international freight, but for some parts with large volume and high weight, the non integrated circuit class or the total weight more than 1kg device, such as fans, cables, connectors, modules, etc., may require users to pay extra international freight.
Domestic delivery freight:
1. of the total amount of each order goods more than 200 yuan, free basic freight.
2. if the total amount of the commodity is 200 yuan, the freight should be charged (10 yuan in Guangdong province and 23 yuan in other provinces and cities).
3., if some parts are larger or overweight, such as fans, cables, connectors, modules, etc., users are required to pay the corresponding domestic freight according to the actual situation.
4. the basic freight that is exempt from the member is the single shipping freight at home. If the user requests multiple shipments to the order, the user will pay the freight separately.
5., if the goods are overweight (that is, the actual freight is more than the free shipping amount), in order to not affect the delivery speed, we will continue to deliver the goods by express delivery method in this case, and the customer service will contact the users to explain the situation voluntarily.
1 door-to-door self lifting
The core network provides home delivery service for domestic delivery.
2 domestic self reference
1) after receiving the incoming message, the user needs to carry the contract of sales order, which is covered by the official / contract chapter, and take the goods to the following address.
2) if the goods are beyond the size of 60cm*40cm*10cm, they are sent to express by default.
Since some:
Address: Yunfeng Road, Yunfeng Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen.
Contact phone: 0755-83228522
Cell phone: 18929306675 Mr. Chen
Delivery time: 14:30-17:30 from Monday to Saturday
Check for goods
1. in addition to the goods you ordered, shipment packing with delivery invoice / packing list, please confirm receipt of the goods and delivery packing list is consistent, if the goods and delivery packing list content does not match, please contact customer service hotline by carrying core network, core network articles will be processed for the first time in this case.
2., as the size of IC products is becoming more and more miniaturized, it is recommended to arrange professionals to collect and dismantle the packages, so as to avoid the loss of goods caused by bulk packing. Please pay special attention to checking and keeping good invoices.
3., if there is any damage in transportation, please keep the boxes, packaging materials and products intact, and contact with our customer service representatives or complaints hotline immediately.

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