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Shenzhen Saiming Electronics Co Ltd (Shenzhen Saiming Electronics Co. Ltd.), founded in 2012, is a distributor of electronic components based, the main agent of long power triode NCE nce MOS tube, micro power IC, RFMD high performance RF components, EAO switch series, Linear Systems series products, application areas extensive customer groups across the country.
In July 2016, its core network officially launched articles, articles core has a network of 4 million domestic and 15 million foreign stock inventory, inventory, sales operation mode including domestic and foreign factory inventory consignment stock, support domestic samples and small batch orders, foreign spot 1 minimum, on-line less than 2 months, the average daily flow of 500 passengers breakthrough.
Policy: the quality of the road, carry the world with the core.
Concept: beyond the grasp today, tomorrow, science - never stop.
Goal: make the core network into "domestic IC spot shopping platform".
Today. Tomorrow, beyond science, and never stop.
We have been thinking all the time

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